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Key Dates For The Minnesota Vikings' 2015 Off-Season

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It's the off-season for the Minnesota Vikings, as well as the majority of the National Football League. But, as we know, the NFL really doesn't have much of an "off-season." There are plenty of major events to keep the wheel turning between now and the start of the 2015 season.

The following is a list of what should be all of the major events for us to keep an eye on going forward.

24 January - Senior Bowl, Mobile, AL

25 January - Pro Bowl, Glendale, AZ

31 January - NFL Honors Gala & announcement of Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015 (which will hopefully include Mick Tingelhoff)

1 February - Super Bowl XLIX, Glendale, AZ

6 February - Adrian Peterson's appeal hearing, U.S. District Court, Minneapolis

10 February - First day that teams can sign player whose Canadian Football League contracts have expired (such as, I don't know, Duron Carter, maybe)

16 February - First day teams can designate Franchise or Transition Players

17 - 23 February - NFL Scouting Combine, Indianapolis, IN

2 March - Last day teams can designate Franchise or Transition Players (deadline 3 PM Central time)

7-10 March - "Legal tampering" period for NFL Free Agents. Teams can get into contact with agents of players who will be free agents, but can not execute contracts with those players until. . .

10 March - Free agency officially begins (3 PM Central time), new league year officially begins

22-25 March - NFL Annual Meetings, Phoenix, AZ

15 April - Earliest that Adrian Peterson can be reinstated by the NFL (if his appeal in February should fail)

20 April - Vikings (and other teams with returning head coaches) can start off-season workout programs

24 April - Deadline for Restricted Free Agents to sign offer sheets

30 April - 2 May - 2015 NFL Draft, Chicago, IL

8-11 May - First post-draft rookie mini-camp (will take place on either 8-10 May or 9-11 May)

15-18 May - Second post-draft rookie mini-camp (will take place on either 15-17 May or 16-18 May)

21-27 June - NFL Rookie Symposium, Aurora, OH

27 July - Minnesota Vikings open Training Camp, Mankato, MN

There are a few other camps that will take place along the way, including mandatory mini-camp for rookies and veterans, but there aren't any firm dates for those yet.

CBS Sports has a full list of events, including the "Super Regional" Combines and other events. But the list above should have the majority of the high points.