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Norse Code Podcast Episode #61b: Playoff Games Review/Preview

In part two of Episode 61, the Norse Code crew talks about the playoffs

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Football is still technically on! With that spirit in mind, we review the playoff games that had been played and the ones yet to be played, with what are sure to be hilariously wrong assertions and predictions.

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Episode Notes:

Link roundup is not too different from last episode, so copy-paste plus news on Duron Carter.

In other podcast news, Vikings Territory is getting its own podcast (we're stealing the Andy Carlson Show)! Listen to that one because it is good and fun.

went over reserve contract signings Chigbo Anunoby and Leon Mackey relatively in-depth. I also looked atDeMarcus Van Dyke. I encourage you to read them if you're into deep cuts. I did a mailbag, too. I talked Adrian, receivers and running backs in the draft.

Adam had a take on Jabari Price's arrest. He also thinks the Adrian Peterson story will be the biggest story of the early offseason. Brent has his end of year awards started. Lindsey asked if Chad Greenway is going to continuebeing a Viking.

Darren Page went over "key re-signings" for the Vikings as well.

Speaking of Greenway, did you know he's an avid cyclist?

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