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Norse Code Podcast Episode 90: Catching Up with the NFC North

We do a roundup of the NFC North as we close out the bye week and take a look at what's in store for the Vikings

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Not a ton to cover with the Vikings on bye, but we do take a deeper look at the teams in the division—are they good? What are the problems? How do you beat them? What's up with their schedule in the next four games? We also break down a little bit of the Vikings.

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Episode Notes:

  • Evidently, it's not beyond the pale to suggest the Lions should trade both Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson
  • Doing so could lead to a Carson Palmer-like career arc for Stafford, which would be a win for him.
  • That is all the result of the "reset" the Lions had to press during the game.
  • There's a pretty good piece on PFF examining the role that Adam Gase has to do with Jay Cutler's supposed resurgence, and how Trestman was the problem.
  • The Packers defense, so far, is championship-caliber. I'm not sure it can keep up, but it's worth noting.
  • The Vikings are PFF's tenth-best team. That's oriented around individual player grades, but not play results in the box score or play-by-play. Football Outsiders, which does do that, has the Vikings 21st.

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