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Of Course You Want A Teddy Bridgewater Christmas Sweater

Sports Fan Island

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and that means 'tis the season for Christmas sweaters. We've seen Christmas sweaters featuring the Minnesota Vikings in the past. However, the folks from a little shop called Sports Fan Island have one dedicated to an individual Vikings player. And it's. . .well, it's unique, to say the least.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold. . .the Teddy Bridgewater Christmas sweater.

Teddy Christmas Sweater front

Teddy Christmas Sweater back

Photos from Sports Fan Island.

I believe it was the poet John Keats who once said, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." And let me tell you, of all the sweaters I've ever seen, this one. . .well, it's certainly a sweater.

The shop has similar sweaters featuring other NFL players, but the only Viking they have is Teddy Bridgewater. Sure, it will set you back a bit at $69.99, but honestly. . .isn't that a small price to pay for guaranteeing that you're going to win every Christmas sweater contest between now and the end of time?

Disclaimer: We're not associated with Sports Fan Island or anything like that. I just felt that this was something that needed to be brought to everyone's attention.