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Conflicting Reports Emerge On Adrian Peterson's Illness

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings went into a bit of a panic when the team downgraded running back Adrian Peterson from "probable" to "questionable" on Saturday night before the team's Week 7 match-up against the Detroit Lions. Nobody was quite sure what the issue might have been, but after defensive end Everson Griffen was a last-minute scratch in Week 6, it was a little bit scary.

Well, a couple of reports emerged about what happened on Sunday, and both of them. . .well, they're both head-scratchers, to be completely honest.

The first story, which emerged just before kickoff of Sunday's game, was that the Vikings' team plane encountered some turbulence on its way to Detroit, causing Peterson to swallow the wad of chewing tobacco that was in his mouth during the flight. After the game, Peterson apparently heard that story and wanted to clarify things, saying that he had eaten some shrimp as a pre-game meal on Saturday, causing an allergic reaction.

The latter story is a head-scratcher, at the very least, because. . .well, Peterson's shellfish allergy is well-documented, as he reportedly had a pretty severe reaction to it during Training Camp back in 2012.

Whatever Peterson's malady off the field was caused by, on the field he continued the inconsistency he showed in Week 6 against the Kansas City Chiefs. Peterson had one huge carry in the third quarter that went for 75 yards. His other 18 carries on the afternoon netted a total of 23 yards.

Hopefully, going into next week's game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, the Vikings won't have to deal with any last minute health crises. . .regardless of what they might be caused by.