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Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears: Game Time, Channel, Radio, Streaming and More

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In a little more than 24 hours, Minnesota Vikings' football will be upon us once again, as they make their annual trip to Soldier Field to do battle with the Chicago Bears. We've been over the Vikings' recent history in the Windy City quite a bit this week, and we'll finally get a chance to see if the Vikings can break this mini-curse on Halloween weekend. For those of you who aren't sure about how to follow the action on Sunday, we have all of the different ways for you right here.

Television Info

Kickoff time for this Sunday's contest is again at the usual time of noon Central. (Remember, America, turn your clocks back this evening.) This game will be broadcast on FOX, which means folks in the Twin Cities will be tuned to KMSP-9. If you're outside of the Twin Cities and are wondering if you're in the broadcast area for this one, here's this week's map from the folks at 506 Sports. The Vikings/Bears contest is shown in blue.

Week 8 Coverage

Since some folks have asked, I don't believe that The 506 has a list of local affiliates showing the game anywhere. It would appear that's a pre-season thing only. You'll just have to check your local listings.

If you're outside of the area and will be looking for the game on the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package, you'll be putting the box on Channel 706.

The broadcast team for this week's game will be the same pairing we got for last week's game, that being Chris Myers and Ronde Barber.

The folks from A Rouge Point do not have their Week 8 NFL coverage schedule up yet. When they do, we'll update our north-of-the-border info for you.

For our friends in the United Kingdom, it doesn't appear that the game is going to be on Channel 4 or Sky Sports. It will only be available if you have NFL Game Pass. (Thanks to NFL UK.)

For our men and women in uniform overseas. . .AFN has their schedule of NFL games out for this week, but the Minnesota/Chicago game is nowhere to be found on it. I've asked AFN what's up with the exclusion. If/when I get an answer, I'll update this part.

Radio Info

If you're not going to be near a television and want to listen to Paul Allen and Pete Bercich on the Vikings Radio Network, here's a list of affiliates across the Upper Midwest that you can tune into.

If you're going to try to find the game on satellite radio, you can get the broadcast from the Vikings' side on Sirius 136. If you have an XM Radio, you're stuck with the Bears' feed on Channel 225. If you're using the SiriusXM Online App, the Vikings' permanent home on there is Channel 817.

Referee Info

According to the folks at Football Zebras, the officiating crew at Soldier Field this weekend will be led by John Hussey. If you put John Hussey in a lineup with four people I went to high school with, I'd probably still have trouble identifying which one was John Hussey. Take that for what you will.

Streaming Info

CCNorseman did a post during the preseason about legal streaming of NFL games. It outlines the only outlets for legal streaming of NFL action. If you're overseas, there's the aforementioned NFL GamePass to subscribe to as well.

As far as other streams are concerned, do NOT. . .and I mean not in any way, shape, or form. . .promote illegal streaming sites on The Daily Norseman. Not in the comments, not in the FanPosts, not in the FanShots, not in the Game Thread on Sunday, not anywhere. Don't even hint at them. Trust me on this. If you're that determined to watch the game via an illegal stream, do a Google search and find it on your own.

And that should be all the info you need to follow along with the action from Soldier Field tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen. We'll have the Open Thread up tomorrow approximately an hour before kickoff, just after the inactives come out.