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The Minnesota Vikings Eat a Lot of Chicken Wings

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It's Friday, and I'm waiting for the Raiders to finally release their injury report, but we did find this fun story from the folks at Yahoo! Sports.

Apparently Thursday at Winter Park is "wing day" for the Minnesota Vikings. . .and it appears that they like their wings. Like, a lot.

That tweet comes from the account of Geji McKinney-Banks, the Food Service director for the Vikings (and Adrian Peterson's personal chef). Now, 180 pounds is a whole lot of chicken, but at Winter Park there are going to be a whole lot of folks eating it. . .so, the folks from Yahoo! decided to break it down a little.

That's 95 men, and accounting for any potential vegetarians — 3.2 percent of Americans consider themselves non-meat eaters, and 41 percent of those are men — we're talking 94 potential chicken eaters each week at the Winter Park facility. So how much actual chicken meat is that per guy, assuming everyone eats wings every week?

We reached out to some friends in the food industry who informed us that the Tyson Chicken nutrition group in Arkansas has measured the average wing containing 68.7 percent meat and 31.3 percent non-edible (bone and cartilage, etc.) parts.

More math: 94 dudes splitting up 123.66 pounds (180 times .687) of chicken meat, that comes out to ... 1.32 pounds of chicken per man, or just over 21 ounces. Is it a stunning amount? No, perhaps not. But if we factor in studies (there were many) that said roughly 75 percent of Americans like chicken, the number goes up to roughly 28 ounces of pure chicken per Viking.

So, the guys that make up our favorite football team sit down every Thursday and consume nearly two pounds of chicken wings each. But that's an average. . .some guys are probably going to eat more and some are probably going to eat less.

Like I said, it doesn't necessarily pertain to the game this weekend or anything, but I thought that was an interesting bit about our favorite team. . .and hey, who doesn't like wings, am I right?