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FanDuel Week 10: Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's Note: Double your money in our week 10 fantasy football league on FanDuel this Sunday. Refunds for all losing teams! Join now.

I'm not sure how I managed to do it, but for the second time in three weeks, I managed to find my way into the money in my FanDuel league. A couple of Steelers (Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams) was a pretty good move on my part, and DeMarco Murray chipped in as well. So, I turned my $5 entry into $25 by finishing in the top 1,400 of that multiplier league.

This week, the league through SB Nation is available to everybody, and much like Parker Lewis. . .you can't lose. If you finish in the money, you'll double up. If you don't finish in the money, you'll get a refund. It's a good way to get a taste of Daily Fantasy Sports, so. . .if you're eligible. . .jump on in.

Here's the team I'll be rolling with this week.

FanDuel Week 10

Since doubling up worked so well for me last week, I thought I'd try it again with the Dalton/Green connection. Murray worked out alright for me last week, too, so why not bring him back? I guess I doubled up with Murray and Ertz, too, but if the tight end on your roster isn't named Gronkowski, they're pretty much hit-or-miss. Hopefully I can have another successful week.

So, how much would it cost you to put together a team of nothing but Minnesota Vikings for Week 10? Let's take a look.

Position Player Week 9 Salary Week 10 Salary Change
QB Teddy Bridgewater $6,700 $6,700 $0
RB Adrian Peterson $8,400 $8,600 +$200
RB Jerick McKinnon $4,700 $4,700 $0
WR Stefon Diggs $7,400 $6,600 -$800
WR Mike Wallace $5,300 $5,300 $0
WR Charles Johnson/Jarius Wright $5,000 $4,900 -$100
TE Kyle Rudolph $4,800 $4,700 -$100
K Blair Walsh $4,900 $4,900 $0
D Minnesota $4,700 $4,500 -$200
Totals $51,900 $50,900 -$1000

Well, for some reason, Stefon Diggs got a big downgrade this week. He had been on a pretty steady climb. Not sure why going up against one of the league's worst pass defenses would merit him taking that big a hit, value-wise, but if you want him on your roster you can get him for a song. Peterson is the only player on the roster that saw his value increase. . .thought he might have been down a bit too far last week, anyway. Looks like the correction is coming.

So, that's where I'm looking for FanDuel this week, folks. Where are you looking?