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The Cheese (Don't Take It)

After the Vikings fifth straight victory at Oakland yesterday, there is plenty of so-called "cheese" in the media today.

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Here it is.  All the cheese (aka hype) is coming from Wisconsin to Minnesota this week.  It fun to read as a fan, but not so good to fill your head with as a player going into a game against the cheeseheads.

Andy Benoit at says the Vikings Age is upon us

Greg Bishop at says the Vikings, like Adrian Peterson, show no signs of slowing down

John Clayton at say don't take the cheese too

Ben Goessling thinks the Vikings have the winning formula

Michael Silver at talks about the Vikings renaissance

And Sam Monson at PFF asks if the Vikings are legitimate NFC contenders

Looking at the oddsmakers, don't be surprised if the Vikings come in around #4-5 in power ranking polls this week.

But, all of it, including being in first place in the NFC North, means nothing in November.   A loss next week against the Packers and the 'cheese' will all be stinky.