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FanDuel Week 11: What's Your Plan For This Week?

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Editor's Note: SB Nation's partner FanDuel is running a $1.25M fantasy football league on Sunday. First place wins $100,000. Join now!

Over the last four weeks, I've hit the money in the FanDuel leagues I've been playing in twice. . .basically gone every other week. Last week, I did not hit paydirt, so maybe this week will be another good one for me.

Here's what I'm looking at for this weekend's action, folks. This weekend, I'm going to get in on the SB Nation-sponsored league that is linked at the top of the article here.

FanDuel Week 11 Lineup

Come on. . .you knew there wasn't any way I was going to keep Adrian Peterson off the team this week, right? He should be primed for another big game on Sunday. Finding a defense was a tough one this week, and though the Falcons haven't been great on defense by any means this year, I think they have a pretty solid match-up against a struggling Colts team, and they'll be at home. Carr doesn't have to face the Vikings' defense this week, so he can go back to looking like an NFL quarterback again.

So, what would it cost for a full team of Minnesota Vikings' players this weekend?

Position Player Week 10 Salary Week 11 Salary Change
QB Teddy Bridgewater $6,700 $6,600 -$100
RB Adrian Peterson $8,600 $8,900 +$300
RB Jerick McKinnon $4,700 $4,700 $0
WR Stefon Diggs $6,600 $6,700 +$100
WR Mike Wallace $5,300 $5,200 -$100
WR Charles Johnson/Jarius Wright $4,900 $4,900 $0
TE Kyle Rudolph $4,700 $4,700 $0
K Blair Walsh $4,900 $4,900 $0
D Minnesota $4,500 $4,300 -$200
Totals $50,900 $50,900 $0

Well, as it turns out, it would cost you exactly the same amount, only with things distributed slightly differently. I'm not sure why the defense has been declining over the past couple of weeks. . .the least expensive defense on FanDuel this week would cost you $4,000, so one of the best defenses in the NFL could be had for a song.

But, that's what I'm looking at for FanDuel action this week, folks. How about all of you out there?