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Expert Picks: Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force Breaks Down Rams/Vikings

For the first time in the 2015 NFL season, we get the pleasure of featuring the wisdom of noted football pundit Carl Brutananadilewski, as he's chosen the game between the St. Louis Rams and your Minnesota Vikings for this week's edition of Carl's Stone Cold Lock of the Century (of the Week).

As we know, Carl is a Giants' fan through and through, and he's not terribly happy with his favorite team for passing on running back Todd Gurley in favor of offensive tackle Ereck Flowers. I haven't tracked the Giants closely enough to know how well Flowers has performed this season, but I do know that the Vikings will have their hands full trying to slow down Gurley on Sunday afternoon at TCF Bank Stadium. He doesn't have a whole lot to say about the Vikings, either.

Sadly. . .spoiler alert. . .we can count Carl as one of the folks that doesn't fully believe in our favorite football team, as he picks the Los Angeles Rams to steal this one on Sunday. (Yes, the Rams moved from Los Angeles in 1995. Don't tell Carl.)