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FanDuel Week 9: Halfway Through the Year

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Editor's Note: FanDuel is hosting a FREE Week 9 fantasy football league where half the teams win cash on Sunday. New users only. Join now!

Well, after my big, gigantic, tremendous huge cash in Week 7, I went back to the status quo in Week 8, managing to not get into the money. It's good to keep expectations low, I suppose.

This week, since our SB Nation league is once again for newcomers, I've jumped into what's called a "multiplier" league. The entry fee is $5, there are 7,954 entrants (for a nice, round number), and the top 1,400 finishers get five times their entry fee.

Here's who I'm going to roll with this week.

FanDuel Week 9

Buffalo's offense seems to be a whole different animal with Taylor out there, and he's cheap enough where he's a solid selection, I think. The Patriots' defense against the Redskins is one of those picks that seems super easy, which means that there's absolutely no chance that it will work out the way I want it to.

So, how much would it cost you to load up on Minnesota Vikings again this week?

Position Player Week 8 Salary Week 9 Salary Change
QB Teddy Bridgewater $6,900 $6,700 -$200
RB Adrian Peterson $8,900 $8,400 -$500
RB Jerick McKinnon $4,900 $4,700 -$200
WR Stefon Diggs $6,700 $7,400 +$700
WR Mike Wallace $5,300 $5,300 $0
WR Charles Johnson $4,900* $5,000 +$100
TE Kyle Rudolph $4,900 $4,800 -$100
K Blair Walsh $4,900 $4,900 $0
D Minnesota $4,700 $4,700 $0
Totals $52,100 $51,900 -$200

The * in the third WR spot is there because Jarius Wright and his $4,900 FanDuel salary were there last week, but he's been passed by Charles Johnson this week. (I guess that one reception reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally impressed the FanDuel folks). Wright is still available for the same $4,900 figure. Not sure why Peterson got such a big downgrade, unless the folks from FanDuel really think the Rams are going to bottle him up this week. And, as you can see, Stefon Diggs got another big jump. . .almost enough to completely cancel out the series of downgrades the rest of Minnesota's players received.

That's a look at FanDuel for Week 9, ladies and gentlemen. Who are you going to be putting on your roster this week?