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FanDuel Week 14: A Viking-Free Sunday

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Well, our favorite team's game for Week 14 is already in the books, ladies and gentlemen. But, that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of action over at FanDuel to partake in. After a few weeks of various levels of success, yours truly has found himself out of the money over the past couple of Sundays. Hopefully I can get myself back into the green when I don't have any members of the Minnesota Vikings to pick from.

With that, here's who I've got in my lineup for the rest of this weekend.

FanDuel Week 14 Lineup

Going to continue on the Tyrod Taylor hype train for a while, since the Eagles' defense still isn't any good. The value for Todd Gurley seems to have dropped a bit in recent weeks, but he should still be a pretty good play, as should Rawls. Megatron is questionable. . .if he winds up not playing, he has a high enough salary number where I could swap him out with someone pretty good.

We'll get back to our tracking of the Vikings' players next week, since the option to select them on FanDuel for this week is no longer there.

But, that's what I have for this week, ladies and gentlemen. What do your Daily Fantasy Sports lineups for Week 14 look like?