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FanDuel Week 15: The Vikings Are Back

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Last Sunday, everyone had to set their FanDuel lineup without using any members of the Minnesota Vikings, as they had played in the Thursday night contest. This weekend, our favorite football team is back, so that teams can use members of the purple if they so desire.

So, which direction am I looking in this week? Here's my Week 15 lineup.

FanDuel Week 15 Lineup

The running backs seem to be priced really low this week, as there are only six running backs on all of FanDuel that will cost you more than $7,000 in salary. Of course, that means you can spend more at the wide receiver position, so I loaded up there with a couple of premium names. As far as Vikings players are concerned, the Bears have been having trouble covering tight ends this season, and Rudolph is now the Vikings' leading receiver. Teddy Bridgewater has been looking his way more frequently, so he could put up some big numbers on Sunday. The Seattle defense at home against Cleveland seems like an obvious choice, too.

So, if you wanted to field a whole team full of Minnesota Vikings, how would it look? We'll be comparing players' Week 13 figures with their prices this week, as we had to skip them last week.

Position Player Week 13 Salary Week 15 Salary Change
QB Teddy Bridgewater $6,100 $6,000 -$100
RB Adrian Peterson $9,100 $8,600 -$500
RB Jerick McKinnon/Matt Asiata $4,600 $4,500 -$100
WR Stefon Diggs $6,200 $5,700 -$500
WR Mike Wallace $4,900 $4,700 -$200
WR Jarius Wright/Charles Johnson/Cordarrelle Patterson $4,900 $4,600 -$300
TE Kyle Rudolph $5,100 $5,000 -$100
K Blair Walsh $4,800 $4,600 -$200
D Minnesota $4,500 $4,600 +$100
Totals $50,200 $48,300 -$1,900

Yep. . .values dropping across the board for everybody, folks. And you really can't argue very hard against any of them, which is sort of sad. Hopefully the Minnesota offense can put together a solid enough game on Sunday where values will start to go back on the upswing a bit.

But that's what I have for this week's Daily Fantasy Sports action with FanDuel, folks. Where are you looking this week?