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Beckham Suspension Causes Big Shift In Giants/Vikings Betting Line

Yes, it's not American money, but bets are bets.
Yes, it's not American money, but bets are bets.
Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

We don't generally get into discussions about gambling here, but with the news of Odell Beckham's suspension coming down yesterday, the betting line gives a bit of a look about how much the second-year receiver means to the New York Giants.

When the betting lines opened on Monday, the Minnesota Vikings were a four-point favorite over the Giants in this weekend's Sunday Night Football match-up. After the suspension announcement was made, the line shifted to the Vikings being a seven-point favorite. There are very few non-quarterbacks in the NFL that would make a line shift like that. . .certainly Adrian Peterson might be one of them. . .but the sharps apparently think enough of OBJ or ODB or whatever we're calling him today (seriously, pick a freaking acronym) to make the line shift that far.

As far as Beckham's appeal, 1500 ESPN says that the appeal will be heard on Wednesday, with a resolution expected to be handed down "well in advance" of Sunday's game. The appeal will be heard by former NFL wide receiver James Thrash, who now works in the NFL offices.

With as swiftly as the NFL acted to give Beckham this suspension, it would be a pretty big surprise if it were to get overturned. But, stranger things have happened. . .we should know by late Wednesday or Thursday whether or not the Vikings will have to deal with one of the NFL's best receivers this Sunday night.