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Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals Predictions: WHO YA GOT!?

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It's prediction time, ladies and gentlemen. With the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals a little more than 24 hours away, it's time to register what you think is going to happen on Thursday Night Football. Here, once again, is our prediction widget, courtesy of our friends at The Crowd's Line.

Honestly, I'd like to sit here and tell you about what the Vikings could do in order to pull off what might be the biggest upset this team has put together in some time and this big, sweeping analysis of things and all that sort of thing. I would.

But I can't.

With the way things stand right now, I expect this team to absorb nothing less than a grade-A ass kicking from the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night. Frankly, I expect things to play out in much the same manner as they did on Sunday against Seattle.

-Adrian Peterson will get bottled up early
-Norv Turner will continue, inexplicably, to call plays with seven-step drops with slow-developing routes
-Teddy Bridgewater will have defenders in his face before he hits the top of his dropback
-Teddy will run for his life and nobody will be open, and people will gripe that he's holding on to the ball too long
-Without Linval Joseph, Anthony Barr, and Harrison Smith, the Vikings will struggle to stop one of the league's most prolific offenses

If anyone can give me a reason why I should be looking for any sort of different result, please do so in the comments. I'm still going to be cheering for this team to win and wanting to see them pull off a major upset. . .but, at this point, it's time to look at this game from a realistic point of view. And as much as I hate predicting blowouts in either direction, I'm not sure if I can realistically envision this ending any other way.

Cardinals 41, Vikings 10. And by 8 AM Central on Friday, it will be time to start focusing on the Chicago Bears.

What do you see for Thursday night, ladies and gentlemen?