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Super Bowl XLIX: Game Time, TV Channel, Radio, Online Streaming and More

Need to know how to follow the action of Super Bowl XLIX? We've got all of it here, including how you can watch the game online absolutely free.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We're just hours away from kickoff for the last meaningful football game that any of us will be seeing for the next seven months. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's Super Bowl XLIX (which is 49 for you non-Romans) live from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. We will be witnessing the New England Patriots battling the Seattle Seahawks to see who will be bringing home this year's biggest prize.

Do you want to know how you can follow along with all of the action in this one? Well, let us give you all the information.

Television Info

This year's Super Bowl will be broadcast by the folks from NBC, with kickoff scheduled for approximately 5:30 PM Central time. . .though I'm sure that we're already in about our eighth hour of pre-game coverage. An NBC game means that the game will be called by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth.

Our Canadian friends will be able to see this one on CTV and NBC. Thanks to the folks from A Rouge Point for providing Canadian broadcast info to us this season.

Viewers in the United Kingdom will be able to watch tonight's game on either Sky Sports or on Channel 4. That information is brought to you by NFL UK, who has been giving us that info all year long.

For our men and women in uniform overseas, the game will be broadcast on AFN Sports, with kickoff scheduled for Sunday at approximately 2330Z. That's Monday morning at 0030L for folks in Central Europe, 0400L for everyone in Afghanistan, and 0830L for viewers in Japan and Korea.

Radio Info

If you're looking for the game on the radio, KFAN-FM 100.3 will have it in the greater Twin Cities area. For those of you in other areas, be sure to check your local affiliates.

If you're looking for the game on satellite radio, they've got you covered. You can find the New England feed on Channel 85 regardless of whether you have a Sirius or XM radio. The Seattle feed will be on Sirius 93 or XM 225. There will also be the national feed from Westwood One on both Sirius and XM Channel 88, which is Sirius/XM NFL Radio.

Referee Info

Thanks to the folks at Football Zebras, we can tell you that the head referee for tonight's Super Bowl is Bill Vinovich.

Online Streaming Info

If you're wanting to watch the game on your computer, we are happy to inform you that the contest will be streamed free of charge at NBC Sports. YOU HEAR THAT, IDIOT SPAMMER DORKS!? FREE OF CHARGE!

For people overseas, you will be able to watch the game through the awesomeness that is NFL Game Pass.

We're going to have our Open Thread up and running about half an hour before kickoff if you want to hang out and watch the game with your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans, which should be a lot of fun.

It's the final day of the NFL season, everybody. We hope that you'll choose to spend at least some of it with us.