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Minnesota Vikings News And Notes, February 10th

So it just hit football until July.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

We've full on hit the off season, where anything can be front page newsworthy as far as the Minnesota Vikings are concerned. To whit:

Former Vikings DT and Hall of Famer Alan Page will be retiring from the Minnesota Supreme Court. If you'll remember, page was voted by the DN community as the Greatest Viking of All Time a couple of off seasons ago.

We looked at a few directions the VIkings could go come the off-season, with all the different position groups.

Technology is a powerful thing. When said technology can be leveraged into full off season free agency and draft scenarios, it becomes deadly in Mark's hands. Deadly. Seriously, check out his whole off-season plan for the VIkingsButt fumble, yo. I kind of miss the elevnty seven trades in his mocks, but this is just as fun.

From elsewhere:

The rehab from torn pectoral muscles for both Brandon Fusco and Phil Loadholt are on schedule. With certified athletic trainer Eric Sugarman (TM), is anyone surprised?

Jared Allen is still awesome, even if he isn't on the Vikings anymore.

NFL Films founder Ed Sabol passed away. If you're from my generation, Sabol was a giant, and I will miss him. NFL films made highlights into modern day Rembrandts and Picassos, and helped make the NFL the sports monolith it is today. All the music that we hear in the background on highlights from all networks today is because Sabol started it. NFL Films turned highlights into an art form, and if you ever watch old clips, you realize what a giant in the industry he truly was.

In honor of Ed Sabol, listen to this at your desk, get goosebumps, then run through your cubicle wall and sack your coworker for a seven yard loss:

Open thread rules remain as they always are: No politics or religion, work friendly GIF's, and WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE IN FRONT OF THE LADIES, PUNKS. Enjoy your Tuesday