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Brace Yourself, For The Mock Draft Database Is Coming

The final "Jell-o Salad" trend graph from last year's Mock Draft Database.
The final "Jell-o Salad" trend graph from last year's Mock Draft Database.

Yes, it's that time of year again, ladies and gentlemen. The 2015 edition of the most comprehensive collection of mock drafts relating to the Minnesota Vikings will get its start this weekend.

The NFL Scouting Combine will be kicking off next week in Indianapolis, so this weekend will see the start of The Daily Norseman's 2015 Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database. Over the last couple of years, our database has been the most comprehensive collection of mock draft sites and their selections for the Minnesota Vikings.

For the uninitiated, you can go back and review the 2013 Mock Draft Database and the 2014 Mock Draft Database. What we do is start out with a fairly modest list of mock drafts and what they see the Vikings doing during the league's selection meeting. From there, we add mock drafts, subtract ones that haven't been updated for a while, and track the trends of certain players moving up and down throughout the pre-draft process. And we're going to have all sorts of perspectives comprising our rankings. . .from the "big guys" like Mel Kiper and Matt Miller to those that aren't quite so big but at least keep their stuff updated on a fairly regular basis.

The pre-combine edition of last year's Mock Draft Database had the Vikings connected to seven different players. . .four quarterbacks and three linebackers. . .at the #8 overall spot in the draft. By the time we got to the final edition, just a few days before the draft, there had been eighteen different names connected to the Vikings as potential #8 overall picks. That's the picture you see above. Of the 102 mock drafts we had in the final version of the database, only eight of them had the Vikings selecting Anthony Barr with the #8 overall pick, while 19 of them had the team taking Teddy Bridgewater at #8.

Of course, with Rick Spielman at the helm, we don't know. . .or even think, really. . .that the Vikings will end up drafting at #11 this season. But it's interesting to look at what the draft community thinks our favorite football team is going to do.

So, starting this Saturday, we will have the pre-combine edition of our Minnesota Vikings 2015 Mock Draft Database posted for your consumption. We will have a new edition every Saturday, and possibly one final edition on the eve of the NFL Draft. Hopefully everyone will find it informative.