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Check Out the Purple for the Win Podcast!

If you want to get a more regular fix of the Minnesota Vikings than even we can provide you, there seem to be podcasts springing up everywhere these days. There's Norse Code and Roughing the Podcast, courtesy of our humble little corner of the interwebs here. There's the Purple Podcast, courtesy of 1500 ESPN. . .which should not be confused with the Purple People Podcast, put together by the folks from The Viking Age. And there are plenty that I'm probably forgetting as well.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to take part in the Purple for the Win Podcast, hosted by Andy Carlson. Andy has about eighteen different podcasts that he's active on already. . .seriously, the guy is almost Seacrest-like. But we had a pretty good time and touched on a number of topics. . .even down to who would play yours truly in "Daily Norseman: The Movie." (The answer to which really should have been Dave Foley, but in typical fashion, that's one I thought of about half an hour after we had finished recording.)

So, do Andy a favor and go check out the latest episode of the Purple FTW Podcast at the link above there. And, if you like it, subscribe to it and the other Vikings' podcasts listed above. Because as we enter the long, dark tea time of the off-season, we need to get our fix as much as possible.