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Report: Adrian Peterson Wants To Be Traded To Dallas

NFL insider Jason Cole says AP wants out

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It's a day that ends in Y, which means we have news in the ongoing Adrian Peterson saga. According to NFL insider Jason Cole, Peterson wants to be traded to the Dallas Cowboys.

From the video, if you don't want to play it:

"Adrian Peterson wants to go to Dallas," Cole said in his report. "The Minnesota Vikings are aware of that. In talking to a high level NFL executive; everybody knows what everybody wants. But the Vikings will not, do not want to trade him in any way, shape or form - specifically not to the Cowboys. Don't expect that to happen; at least from their (Vikings) end. There's a lot here to play out, but the Vikings do not want to send him to the Cowboys."

When asked where he thinks Peterson will end up, Cole does go on to say that he believes Peterson will be in Minnesota in 2015, but he also calls the situation a 'stare down' between the Vikings and Peterson.

There are a couple things to keep in mind, when looking at this situation from 10,000 feet:

1) Most importantly, Peterson is under contract for 2015. If the Vikings don't want to trade him, he isn't going anywhere. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter what Peterson wants.

2) With the salary cap reportedly set to be $143 million, if not more, the Vikings, with just a couple of minimal moves, will have plenty of cap space to afford Peterson's contract while still being able to make the moves they want to make in free agency.

So, the Vikings have said they want Peterson back. Peterson said he is apprehensive about returning and according to Cole, now wants to be traded.


EDIT: Or, you know...maybe not. Josina Anderson is an ESPN reporter and has been on Showtime's Inside the NFL:

Either way, it's a Vikings off season. So...