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Duron Carter Officially Signs With Indianapolis Colts

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

One of the early stories of the off-season has officially come to an end.

Duron Carter, son of former Minnesota Vikings' great Cris Carter, has made his decision, and that decision is to sign with the Indianapolis Colts after two years in the Canadian Football League. In two CFL seasons for the Montreal Alouettes, Carter caught 124 passes for 1,939 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Carter made a tour around the National Football League in early January, working out for the Vikings and the Colts, among other teams. The Colts and Vikings were rumored to be the front-runners to sign him for most of the process.

Terms of the deal were not immediately made available.

One can hardly fault Carter the Younger for choosing to sign with the Colts over the Vikings. It will give him the opportunity to play with quarterback Andrew Luck and put him on a team that advanced to the AFC Championship Game in 2014. It's not as though the Colts are a bad situation for him.

I have to wonder, however, how much of Carter's choice has to do with the prospect of having less pressure on him initially and going forward. Yes, the comparisons to his father are going to be there for as long as he's in the National Football League, regardless of which team he plays for. However, in Minnesota it would have been significantly more intense, and in the end perhaps Duron Carter thought it would be best to forge his own path rather than attempt to travel the road that his father had already gone down.

The saga of Duron Carter, such as it was, has come to an end. We wish him the best of luck in Indianapolis.