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Roughing The Podcast, Episode 4

We wrap up the Super Bowl, The Play, the commercials, and the Katy Perry halftime show. We also take reader questions, and more!

Episode 4 is in the books...and Di still hasn't driven to St. Louis and killed Ted.

We're still trying to figure out if this is because Di has incredible restraint, or Ted just isn't worth the effort.

In this, our 'Brett Favre' episode...episode 4, Brett Favre...get it?

We open the show by wrapping up the Super Bowl. We talk about the game, The Play, and whether or not Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time with this fourth Super Bowl win.

At about the 10:00 mark, we discuss the commercials, and give our best and worst. We would have gone through every commercial, but we were killed in an accident as kids and we died.

At 15:30, Di goes all fangirl about the Katy Perry halftime show, and Ted admits he has Katy Perry songs on his iPod.

23:00 in to the show we discuss Mick Tingelhoff and the rest of the 2015 Hall of Fame class. We also talk about who got snubbed, and hit on the next Vikings that might get the call.

At 34:45, we take reader questions from our post from the other day.

At the 59:00 mark, we take a look at the stellar start the NFL off season has gotten off to, with no player arrests or guys entering rehab. Or something like that.

Finally, at 1:06, we take a few minutes and wrap up with some of the most recent mock drafts that are out there.

Well how do I get the show? You can listen on the player below, or you can download the show on iTunes here.

If you use Stitcher radio, you can find the show here.

Also, the show RSS feed is right here, if you have some other preferred method of downloading.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks for listening. This wouldn't even be happening if not for the positive feedback and early success we've already had. We appreciate the questions, the feedback, and the downloads.