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Duron Carter's Contract Is Rather Modest

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

This will probably be the last Duron Carter story we have for a while, barring him somehow finding his way to Minnesota again. But thanks to our friends over at Stampede Blue, some of the details of Carter's contract have started to emerge and, if the Minnesota Vikings were a front-runner for him, it appears that they weren't running very hard.

According to Stampede Blue, who got their info from our friend Tom Pelissero, Carter's contract is a three-year pact worth $1.575 million. There is no signing bonus in the contract, and of his $435,000 base salary, only $25,000 is guaranteed.

Contrast that to the last CFL wide receiver that the Vikings brought in, when they signed Emmanuel Arceneaux to a contract early in 2011. Arceneaux's deal was also a three-year deal, but it was worth approximately $1.8 million, along with a signing bonus of $75,000.

Arceneaux appeared in three games for Minnesota, accumulating all of one NFL reception for ten yards. Minnesota released him following the 2011 season and, after stops with the New York Jets and Washington Redskins, he returned to Canada in 2013.

I don't know for sure exactly what the Vikings may have offered Duron Carter in terms of a contract, but if the Colts' offer represented the best that was on the table, it couldn't have been a whole heck of a lot.