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Get Social With The Daily Norseman!

Our site has grown a lot over the nine seasons it's been a part of the interwebs, and we know that a lot of you make the site a part of your daily surfing regimen. However, if you just can't get enough, we have a lot of other ways for you to keep up with everything the site has going on, too.

The main one that I want to draw your attention to is our FaceBook page, which you can see over there on the right. If you're wondering what Skol Girl has been up to these days, she now spends a great deal of time making our FaceBook page the absolute best that it can be. (While she's not being the Auntie of the Year, which is her primary and significantly more important job these days.) But our FaceBook page not only has everything we post, it has plenty of other Vikings-related goodness on it. Right now, we're bordering on 7,000 "Likes," so if you haven't done it yet and you have a FaceBook account, give us a "Like" and get even more connected.

We're also on the Twitter as well! The main Twitter account that you see linked there is handled by yours truly, and while it's mostly Vikings-related stuff, you'll occasionally see some non-Vikings stuff on there as well. I have a tendency to talk about a few different things. The rest of the Daily Norseman staff is on the Twitter as well, and you can follow them all by going to their profiles.

Ted - @purplebuckeye
Eric - @eric_j_thompson
Skol Girl - @skolgirldn
Kyle - @KJSegall
Mark - @MarkSP18
Arif - @ArifHasanNFL (yes, he still counts, even though he has about 27 different places he writes for)
CCNorseman - @CCNorseman
Di - @dimurphymn

Along with that, we now have not one, but two different podcasts for your listening pleasure. There's our original podcast, Norse Code, which has its own Twitter account and FaceBook page. That one is usually done by Arif and Dusty O'Connell. And, recently, Ted and Di launched a second DN-connected show called Roughing the Podcast. Right now, the show has a Twitter account, but no FaceBook page.

So, if you want to be connected to The Daily Norseman all the time, wherever you are, we've given you the means to do just that. We hope that you'll take full advantage of all of them!