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Vikings Pre Day 3 Free Agency Quick and Dirty Plan

Well the Vikings have done the predictable and re-signed their own free agents plus a new backup QB. They have reportedly expressed "interest" in more than a few other free agents. But nothing has come to fruition so it is similar to me expressing interest in Kate Upton (which I do quite often thank you very much). But nothing is happening on that front either unfortunately.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

A great source for informationis Arif's free agency blog over at vikingsterritory ...

How would I grade the signings thus far ...

Asiata - B : Asiata was very effective as the goal line back last year.
Johnson - C : Johnson was playing for a contract and had a career year.
Berger - C : Berger also was playing for a contract and is a decent but older backup.
Loeffler - C- : Loeffler is a long snapper.  Enough said.
Hill - C : Hill knows NFL defenses.  Meh.

The size and lengths of the contracts given to these players tells you how much the Vikings really liked them.

So who will the Vikings target in day 3?  Who knows?  I have no clue but I do have players I like.

Here is my Pre Day 3 Free Agency Plan.

1. Sign Michael Johnson DE.
2. Sign Rolando McClain LB.
3. Sign Chris Culliver CB.
4. Sign Taylor Mays S

So now I go onto the draft. The Vikings have these picks now 1.11, 2.45, 3.76, 4.107, 5.129, 5.141, 7.203

I used draftteks's mockdraft as a guide ...

1st trade - 1.11 to the Chargers for 1.17, 3.83, & 6.176

1.17: Alvin Dupree DE Kentucky
2.45: AJ Cann OG South Carolina
3.76: Breshad Perriman WR Central Florida
3.83: Jay Ajayi RB Boise State
4.107: Byron Jones CB Connecticut
5.129: Cedric Ogbuehi OT Texas A&M
5.141: Shane Carden QB East Carolina
6.176: Jake Ryan LB Michigan
7.203: Derrick Lott DT Chattanooga

I am hoping for something to happen in day 3 but would not be surprised if nothing happened at all.

Who do you want to see the Vikings add today?