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Report: Minnesota Vikings Attempting To Move Cordarrelle Patterson?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

I just saw this come across the Twitter from a guy that, for the most part, appears to be a relatively reliable source of information. And I know that the expression for this sort of thing is something that comes out of left field, but this thing is pretty much coming all the way down from the upper deck.

Patterson pretty much fell off the map last season, eventually finding himself losing offensive snaps to Charles Johnson and Adam Thielen. Going into the off-season, both head coach Mike Zimmer and Patterson's teammate, Greg Jenningsvowed to give their efforts to "fix" what was going on with Patterson. It's even been put out there that former New England Patriots' wide receiver Troy Brown was going to be mentoring Patterson this off-season.

The Vikings gave up a lot of capital to move up in the 2013 NFL Draft and select Patterson, and he was largely expected to make "the leap" last year by many media types and football experts. But, after making a big splash in the season opening blowout in St. Louis, Patterson found the end zone just once over the remainder of the season, and took a big step back both offensively and in his duties as a kick returner.

As I was typing this story, this came over the Twitter from Vikings Radio Network analyst Pete Bercich.

I won't lie. . .I'll be absolutely stunned if the Minnesota Vikings move on from Cordarrelle Patterson already, considering he's still relatively cheap and could possibly still be salvaged. But it appears that there is, at the very least, a chance of it happening.