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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 3/13

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Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It's Friday the 13th again, and we're moving on to the. . .yawn. . .fourth day of NFL free agency, a period that hasn't seen the Minnesota Vikings do very much thus far. Will that change today?

-Well, former Bengals and Buccaneers defensive end Michael Johnson will apparently be in for a visit today. The Vikings were in pretty hot pursuit of him last year, and he likes Mike Zimmer, so something might happen there.

-The team may or may not be trying to move wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, depending on who you believe.

-Minnesota did manage to lose another free agent, as linebacker Jasper Brinkley signed a two-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys.

The rules of the Open Thread are as follows:

-No discussion of politics or religion
-No feeding of the trolls
-Keep the bad language to a minimum (using the spoiler tags, if you must)
-No pictures that could potentially get someone fired or in serious trouble at their place of employment
-If you can't disagree in a civil manner, feel free to go away

And if this thread starts bogging down because of the number of comments, we might get to another one, and we might not. It's hard to tell.

If anything does happen, we've still got the Free Agency Tracker running with updates, as well as our free agency stream. And, for kicks and giggles, here's Pro Football Focus' list of the top 75 free agents still available.

Hooray for flashbacks!

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for this Friday, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the rest of your day!