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Vikings Pre Day 4 Free Agency Quick and Dirty Plan

Another day has passed and the Vikings have done very little besides arrange for a visit with Michael Johnson today. I can only hope that they are able to convince him to sign here. Other than that the options are becoming less appealing and really may not even be worth discussing until they are signed. Kind of disappointing really.

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So we could be heading into the season with basically the same roster with a couple of rookies who will be forced to contribute right away. Nothing wrong with that but there is a lot of pressure.

I am guessing the left guard position is going to be filled by Yankey who did not play a snap last year.  Maybe the Vikings will sign an older player that is still out there like Justin Blalock?

At middle linebacker there are still options in Rolando McClain and Brandon Spikes.  McClain comes with all kinds of all field baggage and may not be worth the trouble.  Still, he played well last year and giving him a 1 to 2 year deal for decent money with protections should he get in trouble would not be a bad idea to me.  I'm desperate. Nate Irving could be another option.

At corner there are a few options.  Patrick Robinson, Bradley Fletcher, and Tramon Williams.  I don't see Williams coming here because he probably wants to win right away. 

I am not seeing too many additions at this point especially for a lot of money.

One other thing is what they are doing with Greenway.  If they are going to let him play this year for the full 7.1 mil then so be it.  I do not like it considering he played for less last year.  Considering what they did to Antoine Winfield it would be a surprise and very interesting to me.  If they are planning on redoing his deal then get it done.  If not, then let the man hit the market to find a job elsewhere.  If they end up releasing him now or a little later than that would be a pretty crappy move.  You have to let the man try and find a job while the market is new IMO.

It is also apparent that Jennings is going to play on is current deal this year. I have expressed my feelings on that ad nauseum and there is no reason to rehash.  It feels like the same thing with Jared Allen though.  I said he never should have gotten that last season and I would have flat out cut him if I couldn't get a trade.  Many scoffed at that notion and claimed he was going to have several more productive seasons.  Yeah, we know how that has worked out.

I really do not know what is going to happen today but signing Michael Johnson would be nice.

A great source for information is Arif's free agency blog over at vikingsterritory ...

Another source is profoootballfocus and their top 75 remaining free agents ...

Here is their original top 75 ...

Here is my Pre Day 4 Free Agency Plan.

1. Sign Michael Johnson DE.
2. Sign Rolando McClain LB.
3. Sign Taylor Mays S.
4. Sign Patrick Robinson CB.

So now I go onto the draft. The Vikings have these picks now 1.11, 2.45, 3.76, 4.107, 5.129, 5.141, 7.203

I used walterfootball's mock draft as a guide ...

1st trade - 1.11 to the Chargers for 1.17, 3.83, & 6.176

1.17: La'el Collins OG LSU
2.45: Bernardrick McKinney LB Mississippi State
3.76: David Johnson RB Northern Iowa
3.83: Josh Shaw CB USC
4.107: Za'Darius Smith DE Kentucky
5.129: BJ Finney C Kansas State
5.141: Tre McBride WR William & Mary
6.176: Adrian Amos FS Penn State
7.203: Edmund Robinson LB Newberry

Who do you want to see the Vikings add today?