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Vikings Day 5&6 Free Agency Quick and Dirty Plan

Well, yesterday was a nice surprise at least for me. Adding a receiver like Wallace can only be viewed as good for the offense. The Vikings are also almost out of cap space after this signing. I was hoping the Vikings could close the deal on Michael Johnson but he is heading to Cincy to listen to their offer.

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The Vikings surprised a lot of the fan base with the release of Greg Jennings.  I too was surprised because I did not think they would actually do it.  Kudos to them for being smart.

I am not sure why they have not announced anything regarding Greenway.  Most people think they are going to rework his contract.  If they are not, then they need to let the man hit the market so he can try to get a good contract while the money is there.  He may or may not but at least he will have the opportunity.  I could see a deal between 3 and 4 mil.  Maybe the Vikings are offering less than 3 mil?  Could be because he may not play a lot of snaps and there is always the chance he gets banged up again.

I think the Vikings need to tear up Wallace's deal and give him a new 5 year 45 mil deal.  This is almost the same deal they gave to Jennings at almost the same age.  They can give him a decent signing bonus but I would not give him one as large as Jennings 10 mil.  I think a 6 mil signing bonus would be good.  That could save about 4 to 5 mil in cap space depending on how they structure it.  Who knows?  Maybe the Vikings will get him to take less?

I do not think Wallace is here on some prove it deal.  I think the Vikings genuinely like and want him and expect him to be here at least a couple of years.

I have no idea what is going to happen with AP but if he stays then hopefully the two sides can agree to some kind of redo.  That will save cap space this year as well but even more importantly to me, in the next two years (hopefully).

So now I have to think who I want to see them add today.  Not sure if there is anyone out there besides Johnson that they want and can afford as the cap currently stands.

A great source for information is Arif's free agency blog over at vikingsterritory ...

Another source is profoootballfocus and their top 75 remaining free agents ...

Here is their original top 75 ...

Now that I have said all that I am going to go outside the box today just for the heck of it.

Here is my Day 6 Free Agency Plan.

1. The Vikings trade Adrian Peterson, Robert Blanton, and the #11 pick to the San Diego Chargers for Eric Weddle, the #17, #83, #176, and a 2016 3rd round pick.  Basically, this is AP & Blanton for Weddle and a future 3rd in one deal and the Chargers moving up to #11 giving back #17, #83, & #176.  The trade up does not seem sufficient but getting Weddle in the last year of his deal for 7.5 mil is not bad.  The Vikings should give him an immediate extension too.

2. The Vikings trade Brian Robison to the Buccaneers for a 2015 6th round pick.

3. The Vikings sign Michael Johnson.

4. The Vikings trade CP84 to the Texans for a 2015 3rd.

So now I go onto the draft. The Vikings have these picks now 1.17, 2.45, 3.76, 3.82, 3.83, 4.107, 5.129, 6.176, 7.203, 7.207

I used drafttek's mockdraft as a guide ...

1.17: Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin
2.45: Bernardrick McKinney LB Mississippi State
3.76: Phillip Dorsett WR Miami
3.82: Breshad Perryman WR Central Florida
3.83: Byron Jones CB Connecticut
4.107: Preston Smith DE Mississippi State
5.129: Cedric Ogbuehi OT/OG Texas A&M
6.176: Takoby Cofield OT/OG Duke
7.203: Sean Mannion QB Oregon State
7.207: Derrick Lott DT Chattanooga

Angelo Blackson DT Auburn
Frank Clark DE Michigan
Jarvis Harrison OG Texas A&M
Justin Coleman CB Tennessee
Julian Wilson CB Oklahoma
Michael Orakpo LB Texas State

Obviously this plan is crazy but so am I!  :)

What do you want to see the Vikings do?