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Michael Johnson Chooses Cincinnati Over Minnesota

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that certainly didn't take as long as anticipated.

Johnson left for Cincinnati from Minnesota on Saturday, and was reportedly going to make his decision on Monday. As you can see above from Adam Schefter, it didn't take him that long to make his decision.

The battle for Michael Johnson's services came down to two teams. On one side, there was the Minnesota Vikings, where his former defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer is now the head coach. On the other was the Cincinnati Bengals, where Johnson still has plenty of teammates, having left there just a season ago to head for big money in Tampa Bay. The terms of the contract have not been released yet, but I'm guessing that Johnson was going to get a sizeable contract from either place. In the end, he chose the place where he probably still has a ton of friends over his former coach.

Honestly, while this is disappointing for Vikings fans, you really can't fault the guy for that, I don't think.

After the week started out quietly for the Vikings, it's been a hectic past few days. I'm not sure where the Vikings will go from here, but when we find out, we will have more here for you.