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Vikings Day 6 Free Agency Quick and Dirty Plan

The Vikings lost out on Michael Johnson. They gave it their best shot although I am not too sure about what they could have offered him in terms of playing time. He played RDE and we have Griffen. They probably told him he could compete for the LDE spot. Cincy probably has handed him the RDE spot. It is as it should be. Still lots of things they can do though.

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I still am awaiting some movement on the Greenway front.  I guess they cannot agree on a cut amount.  Shaun Phillips signed a 1 year 1 mil deal with the Broncos in April of 2013 at age 32. Then he signed a 2 year 5 mil deal with the Titans last year at age 33.  I imagine the Vikings are offering around 2 mil per year and maybe even for only one year.  If he accepts 2 mil then the cap savings would be about 5 mil since he has a pro-rated signing bonus cap hit of 1.7 mil.

I still think the Vikings should re-work Wallace's deal.  But it could be that they are unsure and want to see him perform before giving him another season.  Not sure why because if he were a free agent they probably would have been interested.

I imagine the AP situation is going to hold tight for another few weeks and possible up until the draft.

A great source for information is Arif's free agency blog over at vikingsterritory ...

Another source is profoootballfocus and their top 75 remaining free agents ...

Here is their original top 75 ...

I think I am going to continue to think outside the box for a little while just for the heck of it. That means trading AP. My first preference is that they redo his deal to a reasonable amount going forward but the feelings is that AP wants a fresh start.

Here is my Pre Day 6 Free Agency Plan.

1. The Vikings trade Adrian Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals for their 2nd round pick (#55 overall) & Andre Ellington.

2. The Vikings sign Da'Quan Bowers DE/DT.

3. The Vikings sign Mason Foster LB.

4. The Vikings sign Taylor Mays S.

5. The Vikings sign Kyle Wilson CB.

All of these signing would be minimal type deals.

I still think a trade down with the Chargers is a good move.  They get #11 and the Vikings get #17, #83, & # 176.

I know some will say this is not enough according to the old trade chart but I think that it actually is good enough.  Not too many trades where a team gives up their 1st and 2nd.  The Jaguars did in 201 when they used #16 & #49 to move to #10 but that was to get a QB (Blaine Gabbert).  In 2012, The Cowboys used #14 and #46 to move to #6 to get Morris Claiborne. I am going to stick with this for now because their 1st and 2nd is too much.

So now I go onto the draft. The Vikings have these picks now 1.17, 2.45, 3.76, 3.83, 4.107, 5.129, 6.176, 7.203, 7.207

I used drafttek's mockdraft as a guide ...

1.17: Arik Armstead DE Oregon
2.45: Stephone Anthony LB Clemson

2.55: Michael Bennett DT Ohio State (note: I forgot to include this pick - DOH!)

3.76: Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB Oregon
3.83: Arie Kouandjio OG Alabama
4.107: Cedric Ogbuehi OT/OG Texas A&M
5.129: Tre McBridde WR William & Mary
6.176: David Cobb RB Minnesota
7.203: Clayton Geathers SS Central Florida
7.207: Jordan Hicks LB Texas

Angelo Blackson DT Auburn
Frank Clark DE Michigan
Darren Waller WR/TE Georgia Tech
Byran Bennett QB Southeastern Louisiana
JOhn Crockett RB North Dakota
Corey Grant RB Auburn
Jarvis Harrison OG Texas A&M
Justin Coleman CB Tennessee
Julian Wilson CB Oklahoma
Michael Orakpo LB Texas State
Charles Taau DT West Texas State

I know, I know.  Passing on Beasley again?  WTF am I thinking?  Who knows what is rattling around in the empty space on top of my shoulders.  As always, I encourage those who feel inclined to take the picks and use the drafttek site to come up with an alternate mock.

Who do you want to see the Vikings add today?