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Vikings Free Agency Report: Vikings, Cardinals, Working On Peterson Trade

The Cardinals and Vikings are reportedly working on a deal for Adrian Peterson

Future Teammates?
Future Teammates?
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

UpdatePeter King reports the contract would be an issue for Arizona.

Rumors have been flying about Adrian Peterson in recent weeks, and whether he'll stay in Minnesota or play elsewhere in 2015. We do know he's met with the head coach, the GM, and the owner. At each turn, it was reported he 'wasn't happy' and 'wanted out'. And he has supposedly given the Vikingslist of teams he was willing to re-structure his contract for to help facilitate a trade.

One of those teams was the Arizona Cardinals, and about an hour ago, Huffington Post Sports columnist Jordan Schultz tweeted this:

It's been also reported that if the Vikings were going to trade Peterson, it would be for a 'high pick'. Yeah, a second round pick (and it would be the 55th overall, as the Cardinals own pick 23 in round 2) meets that criteria.

And the Vikings currently have two picks in the seventh round, the 11th and 15th, so if they did send a pick to Arizona in this scenario, they would still have a pick remaining in the final round.

It also makes sense that Arizona would be Peterson's top choice, since Dallas has seemed to bow out of the Peterson sweepstakes by signing free agent running back Darren McFadden.

I still have no idea what's going to happen...but if it was me, I wouldn't do this deal. I just can't see giving up a talent like Peterson for a second round pick, and would want more, either a player that fills a need or a couple of mid round picks, like a third and a fifth, and you could even defer one of those to 2016. I understand the distraction, but I still believe that if it came right down to it and called AP's bluff, he'd play, and this isn't enough in return.

Still, it's better than what some people were projecting in return in possible trade scenarios.

But anyway, there's your latest AP rumor of the day. We now return to our regularly scheduled free agency.