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Greg Jennings Says "Thank You" To The Vikings And Their Fans

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, we got the (still) surprising news. . .at least to me. . .that the Minnesota Vikings had chosen to part ways with wide receiver Greg Jennings after just two seasons. Jennings had been the team's leading receiver in each of the past two seasons, and though it was thought that he had been asked to restructure his contract, apparently the two sides could not come to an agreement.

On Monday, Jennings sent out a message to fans of the team, which you can see below. The full text of the statement will follow:

I would like to thank the Minnesota Vikings organization. It was an honor to play for such a great franchise for the past two seasons. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the team and made some good friends.

I would also like to thank the Vikings fans that warmly welcomed me and my family. Being a part of the Vikings and the Minnesota community has been a positive experience and a true blessing.

I respect the organization's decision to part ways and we do so amicably. I wish the best to the young and talented group of men on that team.

Although I will continue my career with a different organization, my family and I will still make our home in Minnesota. Since we are raising our family in Minneapolis, the Greg Jennings Foundation will remain committed to improving the lives of children through education in Minneapolis and my home town of Kalamazoo, Michigan. God bless you all! I look forward to running into you at Mall of America.

Greg Jennings

I'll tell you what. If Greg Jennings' detractors had so much as 1% of Greg Jennings' class. . .well, they probably wouldn't be Greg Jennings detractors in the first place. The fact that Jennings and his family will continue to make their home in Minnesota, even though they were only part of the community for two years, says a lot about him and the impression that the area made on him.

Really can't wish Greg Jennings anything but the best going forward. It's unfortunate that things didn't work out in Minnesota the way everyone may have hoped, but he's going to land on his feet somewhere.