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King: Peterson Contract Too Rich For Other Teams To Take On

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we brought you a post about how the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings were possibly talking about a trade involving running back Adrian Peterson. However, Peter King of . .yes, I know. . .is now saying that Peterson's contract is too rich for another team to take on in trade, even if Peterson chooses to restructure, because of what the restructure would apparently involve.

If Peterson is expecting a restructure that is going to give him $25 million guaranteed over the next three years, he's going to have a heck of a time getting anyone to agree to that sort of thing. Take into consideration for a moment that DeMarco Murray, who is three years younger than Peterson and coming off of a season that saw him lead the NFL in rushing, is getting $21 million guaranteed from the Philadelphia Eagles.

(Yes, yes, I know. . .blah blah Peterson blah blah not an ordinary back blah blah.)

Throw in the fact that this year's draft is pretty stacked at the running back position. . .teams can probably get guys in the second or third round that could step in and start immediately. . .and the trade market for a 30-year old running back that's coming off of a lost season and reportedly asking for $25 million in guaranteed money has got to be just about zero.

If it's all about the money for Adrian Peterson, no team in the league is going to be able. . .or, apparently, willing. . .to pay him as much as the Minnesota Vikings are for this season. And remember, whenever an athlete and/or his agent say it's not about a money, it is always, unquestionably and beyond the shadow of any doubt, about money.


As I said in my piece the other day about Peterson still not being happy with the team, I'm not sure what else they could do. He has to know that the optics. . .which are important, whether anyone likes it or not. . .of the Vikings ponying up more guaranteed money in this situation would be awful for the team. And as we've also mentioned on numerous other occasions (lest we forget), the Minnesota Vikings can put the kibosh on all of this nonsense at any time by reminding Peterson and his agent and his father that he is, in fact, under contract for the next three seasons whether he likes it or not.

So, of the trade market is going to progress on like this, if Adrian Peterson doesn't feel "comfortable" with Minnesota at the present time. . .well, it might be in his best interests to get comfortable.