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Norse Code Podcast Episode #67: Free Agency Recap

Don't worry if you think you've missed an episode. You have. Still, this one is pretty good.

You may have missed episode 66, mostly because we posted it almost exclusively to the RSS feed—by the time I could write up an article for it, it was insanely out of date. Listen to it here. Episode 67, however, is below!

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Episode Notes:.

  • My initial thoughts on the Mike Wallace trade are here.
  • Evidently, Norv was never a big fan of Jennings; and he didn't like that Jennings got beat up at the line a lot. Naturally, I massively disagree. I'm also not sure that Mike Wallace would be an upgrade in that sense.
  • The concussion discussion is complicated, and the Zurich Conference on sport and concussion attempts to tackle it, but gets a little held up on the definition of concussion being very difficult to nail down.
  • There's an entire blog dedicated to the intersection of sports law and concussions, in fact.
  • Not many episode notes today, I suppose.

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