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NFL Announces Changes For Day Three Draft Selections

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

We've just received a press release from the folks at the National Football League concerning the 2015 NFL Draft, and the league is going to feature a pretty cool innovation for the draft's final day.

The first two days of the draft will go along as usual. The first day will take place in prime time on Thursday, 30 April, starting at 7 PM Central time. You'll be able to get coverage in all the usual places, as well as right here. . .at The Daily Norseman!

(insert Mick Foley "cheap pop" here)

On Day Two, the league will bring back 32 stars, one from each team, to announce team picks for that day. No word on who any of those superstars are yet, but when we get word, we will bring it to you. Day Two of the 2015 NFL Draft will get underway at 5 PM Central time on Friday, 1 May.

Day Three is when things get a little more interesting. Rather than have picks get announced at the location in Chicago where the draft will be centered, teams will be announcing their own picks from their own facilities or. . .as the press release from the NFL put it. . ."other locations in their city." Perhaps this will draw a little more attention to the picks for Round 4 through 7, as those really seem to get sort of glossed over during the television coverage of the NFL Draft.

But that seems like a pretty cool idea. . .maybe teams could even give fans the opportunity to announce picks and things of that nature. We'll have to see how it works out.

As long as we're thinking about it, though. . .what are some locations in the Twin Cities you'd like to see the Vikings announce draft picks from?