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Minnesota Vikings Have Had Dialogue With Adrian Peterson

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When it came out that the Minnesota Vikings could, in fact, have contact with running back Adrian Peterson, the hope was that those talks would start sooner rather than later, as we're about a week from the start of NFL free agency.

Well, according to General Manager Rick Spielman today, the team has, in fact, started a dialogue with Peterson and his camp. Unfortunately, that's all that Spielman would say about the situation, other than to repeat the team's desire to bring Peterson back to the Vikings for the 2015 season.

Of course, we know that just about every day is Opposite Day when it comes to "Rickspeak," so at this point, it's hard to say what's true and what's false. After all, as far as we know, Rick Spielman still has no intention of trading Percy Harvin, either. . .I mean, that's what he told everyone, and he wouldn't lie about that sort of thing, I don't think.

In fact, over at Vikings Territory, Arif is reporting that numerous sources have told him that the Vikings are doing "everything they can" to dump Peterson and that multiple teams are interested. Now, I've got no reason to doubt what Arif is saying. . .and, if you're being honest with yourself, neither do you. . .and if anyone could get a bidding war going for a guy that the Vikings might have to get rid of in some form or fashion, it's Rick Spielman.

We're still a month away. . .at least. . .from the earliest date that the NFL's appeal could be heard by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, and 44 days away from the 15 April date that could have marked Peterson's reinstatement to the NFL (if that date even still stands with everything that's going on). If the Vikings can find a team that's willing to take a chance on Peterson's talent despite the questions surrounding his potential return, they're free to do so, but they can't formally do anything as far as a trade, a contract extension, or a release until a week from Tuesday (10 March, the start of the new NFL league year).