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The 2015 SB Nation Writers Mock Draft Is Underway

Al Bello/Getty Images

It's a tradition unlike any other.

No, not that golf tournament in Georgia (which is still pretty awesome). No, I'm referring to the SB Nation Writers Mock Draft, which is officially underway as of this morning. The writers of all the SB Nation NFL blogs have been doing this since 2007, and it generally turns out to be pretty good stuff.

With the first overall selection, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. . .to the surprise of absolutely nobody. . .selected Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. Up next, we had the Tennessee Titans, who also grabbed a quarterback with the selection of Oregon signal caller Marcus Mariota.

The picks from the writers have gone into the virtual commissioner well in advance of when they actually show up over at Mocking the Draft. In fact, after conferring with the rest of the team, the Minnesota Vikings' pick at #11 is already in. It will be posted at 11 AM Central time on Thursday. People will probably hate it. I don't care. It's a solid pick.

Our draft last year really didn't turn out as well as it could have. The virtual Vikings wound up selecting quarterback Derek Carr with the eighth overall pick in the first round and linebacker Kyle van Noy in the second round. Carr might have been a bit of a panic pick, as the "big three" quarterbacks were all gone in the first five picks, but he certainly wound up being better than the "D+" grade he was given by SB Nation readers.

As far as the guys that actually became Vikings, linebacker Anthony Barr wound up getting selected at #11 by the Tennessee Titans, while Teddy Bridgewater was the #1 overall pick of the draft. . .you know, like he probably should have been in real life.

What will the 2015 SB Nation Writers Mock Draft bring to the Minnesota Vikings? You'll find out over the course of the next couple of weeks.