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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Bricks Now On Sale

Your name could be on the greatest stadium in professional sports.
Your name could be on the greatest stadium in professional sports.
Minnesota Vikings PR Department

During the run-up to the Minnesota Vikings getting the bill for the new stadium approved, I often said that if the team were to sell bricks for the new stadium or something like that, I would line up to get one. Quite a few other folks agreed.

Well, it appears that it might be time for us to put our money where our mouths are.

The team has announced that they are selling bricks engraved with your own personal message for the construction of the team's new stadium. Each brick includes a replica that you'll receive with the inscription on it, and you'll eventually get a locator map so that, when you finally make your journey to the new stadium, you can find exactly where your brick is located.

The bricks come in three different sizes. There's a 4x8 paver that gives you a 3-line inscription for $160, an 8x8 paver that gives you up to six lines of text for $295, and an 8x8 logo paver that features the Viking head logo and four lines of text for $360.

And, lest fans of other teams get any sort of ideas, there's a disclaimer.

Inscriptions that contain websites, phone numbers, and/or manifestos are not permitted. Discriminatory, political, offensive, or inappropriate messages as determined by the Minnesota Vikings and the MSFA will be declined. References to other NFL teams will not be accepted.

With that, unfortunately, it doesn't look like there will be a DN brick in the new stadium anywhere. On the plus side, we won't be subject to a bunch of stupidity from fans of other teams on said bricks, either.

So, who's planning on getting themselves a piece of the new stadium?