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Open Thread Compromise Reached

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In a stunning display of what can happen when people discuss things like adults, we have reached a compromise on how to handle our daily Open Threads going forward.

A small coalition of our members, led by Brad (who you know as Gone Fishin') and J-Dog, will take turns adding the daily Open Thread to the FanPosts section of the website each morning. And, at some point during the day, it will be moved to the primary part of the front page. I'm guessing that they are soliciting volunteers, so get in contact with them if you'd like to give it a go.

The Open Thread became a bit of a point of contention over the past couple of days, for reasons that are at least partially, if not mostly, my fault. I understand how popular the Open Threads are and probably should have stepped back a bit before discontinuing them for a couple of days.

Unfortunately, over the past couple of weeks, my access to the site during certain hours has become more limited, and though I have generally been getting the Open Threads out there on time, it has come at a great deal of personal inconvenience. By doing things this way, the Open Threads will continue at the time that they have generally been getting out there, and whenever the opportunity presents itself (real life schedules permitting), they will take their position back on the main page.

My apologies for the issues that have arisen concerning the Open Thread over the past couple of days. Open Thread v2.0 will be back starting on Monday, courtesy of some of our readers.