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Who's Left In Free Agency That Could Help The Minnesota Vikings?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The big free agent rush has pretty much died down to this point, and everyone attention is officially shifting to the 2015 NFL Draft, which will kick off in Chicago exactly one month from tomorrow. Yes, we still have a whole month of mock drafts to look forward to, but it will be over quickly enough.

I'm not sure how active the Minnesota Vikings are going to be in free agency following the veritable flurry of three signings over the course of a couple of days this past week. However, there are still some players out there that could help the Vikings. As of now, according to the folks from Over the Cap, the Vikings are sitting on nearly $16 million in salary cap space with 70 players under contract. Here are four guys that the Vikings could call upon that would help them out.

Stefen Wisniewski, G/C, formerly of the Oakland Raiders - As it stands now, the Vikings' biggest weakness after three weeks of free agency is the same as it was before free agency started, and that's the left guard position. That's where Wisniewski played in his rookie season for the Raiders, though he has spent the last three years as their starting center. He's been a very good run-blocking center over the course of his career, and though he had his issues in pass protection this past season, he hasn't been bad there for most of his career, either. Wisniewski would be a nice upgrade at the left guard spot in the short-term and, depending on how the Vikings feel about John Sullivan. . .who isn't getting any younger. . .going forward, he could potentially slide into that spot as well.

Brandon Spikes, LB, formerly of the Buffalo Bills - The Vikings have decided to bring back Chad Greenway, but that certainly doesn't mean that the linebacker position still doesn't need shoring up. . .far from it, in fact. Spikes is a player that the Vikings have, reportedly, had some "lukewarm" interest in, and he's sort of the same linebacker as Jasper Brinkley. There are few better at stopping the run from the linebacker position than Spikes, but you don't want him anywhere near the field in passing situations. That limits his value a bit, but if the Vikings feel that they could use a two-down linebacker, Spikes would be a pretty good one.

Rolando McClain, LB, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys - In a perfect world, Rolando McClain would be able to step in and be a force at middle linebacker for just about any team in the league. In the real world, he has lots and lots. . .and lots. . .of issues. Seriously, the guy has more red flags than NASCAR headquarters. At age 25, he's already retired from the NFL. . .twice. . .and is currently looking at a four-game suspension to start this season because of issues with the league's substance abuse policy. He had a great season for Dallas in 2014, but he doesn't seem like the sort of guy that Rick Spielman would get within a country mile of.

Da'Quan Bowers, DE, formerly of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - It's easy to forget that Bowers, at one point, was a candidate to be selected #1 overall in the 2011 NFL Draft. He wound up falling into the second round, and was largely disappointing during his four years in Tampa. The Vikings have flirted with some defensive ends this off-season (most notably Michael Johnson and George Selvie), so they're obviously looking for something at the position. Obviously, they wouldn't be bringing Bowers in with an eye towards having him start, but he's someone that could be looking for a shot at redemption. And, as I'm sure you've heard me say numerous times before, if anybody can get the most out of a guy like Bowers, it's Mike Zimmer.

Do you have anyone that's still floating around in free agency that you'd like to see the Vikings take a shot at?