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High Winds Cause Scaffolding To Fall At Vikings' Stadium Site

With today being Sunday, there probably wasn't a whole lot of work going on today on the new Minnesota Vikings' stadium. . .and, given what happened today, that's probably a pretty good thing.

According to WCCO, high winds caused some of the scaffolding around the stadium to blow over, with the debris winding up on Fifth Avenue. Authorities say that it happened at around quarter to four this afternoon following an increase in the winds on the local area.

Thankfully, there wasn't anybody on the scaffolding when it fell and there was no traffic on Fifth Avenue when the scaffolding came down. There were no injuries, but obviously it is recommended that nobody drive in the area until the debris can get cleaned up.

I'm guessing that this isn't going to cause any sort of delays in construction or anything, but that's really secondary to the relief that nobody was injured during all of the chaos.