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Minnesota Vikings Incredibly Thrifty In Free Agency

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We know that the Minnesota Vikings haven't been terribly active in free agency this offseason, but today the Monday Morning Quarterback column from Peter King laid out just how thrifty the Vikings have been.

According to the column, the player contracts the Vikings have signed during this free agency period have come to a total of just $9.3 million. The team has signed just six players this offseason, and of those six, only quarterback Shaun Hill signed a deal of longer than one year. The team has made a run at some other players and, at the very least, attempted to spend some money, but for the most part it just hasn't happened for them.

Of the five thriftiest teams in free agency this year, three of them reside in the NFC North. The Detroit Lions have spent just $8.6 million in free agency, while the Green Bay Packers have not spent anything in free agency this offseason. Teams resigning their own players were not included in MMQB's figures.

By contrast, at the other end of the scale sit the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Jets, who have handed out contracts this offseason totaling $172.5 million and $172 million, respectively.

With the Vikings being built the way they are, it's probably best that they don't get too locked into long-term deals with free agents. After all, if the free agents (for the most part) were really that good, their original team wouldn't let them go, right? And with seven first-round picks over the past three years, not to mention numerous other players that could play themselves into contract extensions, the Vikings are going to have to keep the books relatively clear in order to keep players around.

How do you feel about the Vikings, largely, keeping the checkbook closed in free agency this year?