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Sign-Ups Coming For 2015 Daily Norseman Community Mock Draft

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, indeed, we are going to do a Community Mock Draft for this year, and you will be able to sign up for it tomorrow. How? Well, I'm glad you asked!

In order to give everyone the same opportunity to jump on and get a team, the post for the signups will hit this very website at exactly noon Central time tomorrow, 1 April. It will not be a joke or a ruse, but the honest-to-goodness post to sign up for the mock draft. I will be typing the post up ahead of time and scheduling it to hit the site at the correct time.

Teams will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can (attempt to) lay claim to a team by posting a comment in the comments section of the post that pops up tomorrow. The first person that throws a team out there will get that team. I will let people know who will be getting which team after I get home from work tomorrow afternoon (Central time) and get a chance to comb through the comments to distribute the teams. Every team. . .yes, even the Vikings. . .will be up for grabs. And yes, if you happen to get the Cleveland Browns or the New Orleans Saints, you will be responsible for both of their first round picks. (As it stands now, they're the only two teams that have two first rounders.) Neither the Seattle Seahawks nor the Buffalo Bills are in the first round of the draft as it stands right now, so. . .well, don't ask to be their GM, or else you're going to be kind of bored.

If you do happen to get yourself a team, I will get in contact with you for your pick three days prior to the date it actually appears on the site. I will do this via the e-mail address that is on your DN/SB Nation profile. For example, the picks for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tennessee Titans, who have the first two picks, will go on the site on Monday, 6 April. That means that, if you're the GM of either of those teams, your pick will have to be to me by Friday, 3 April. I will try to keep things moving in as expedient a manner as possible. If people get their picks in early, I will get in contact with the people who are next to select as soon as I can.

When I get in contact with you, I will give you a list of the players that have been selected thus far (and I would ask that you not share that publicly in any way, as it would spoil future results). You can then send me your pick, along with a few comments as to why you chose that player, if you'd like. I will then put the post together with my comments and it will go up on the site.

Once again, the sign-up post will hit DN at exactly 12:00 PM Central time tomorrow. There will be a table on there that will have the particulars for each team on it, and I will eventually fill that in with the handles of the people that will act as the GM for each team.

There's your heads-up, ladies and gentlemen. Best of luck to everyone that wants to get their hands on a team!