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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 3/6

Cheers to the freakin' weekend. Here's the latest Vikings news.

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We did it! We made it to Friday! And if the weather man is to be believed*, we may have just made it to Spring!

* = Never believe the weather man. Chris knows this more than anyone because he is one.

Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread:
And that's it from DN yesterday, because the Vikings actually took a day off from major breaking news. From elsewhere around the interwebs:
  • The San Francisco 49ers were dumb enough to willing to take a flyer on former Vikings WR Jerome Simpson, signing him to a 2-year deal. We know first hand that Simpson is talented enough to make an impact as long as he keeps his nose (lungs?) clean. Hopefully Simpson has left his digressions behind in what must be he last chance to hang on in the NFL. Then again, the article I linked to has the word "troubled" in the title when describing Simpson, which isn't exactly promising.
  • The Strib's Matt Vensel explains how the Vikings have plenty of cap space after their recent moves, but still wonders if the team is willing to make a splash in free agency.
  • The Bears appear to be shopping wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Could he possibly be a good fit in Minnesota? Is his contract too rich for what he's worth? Would the Vikings be better served getting a younger, cheaper option in the draft? Would Josh Robinson cry with joy if the Vikings signed Marshall because it meant that he wouldn't have to try to cover him twice a year? Are you already sick of talking about this on Twitter and the comments since the story broke?
As always, please follow the Open Thread rules. Don't be a troll. Don't feed the trolls. Don't post anything that would get someone in trouble at the office. Easy on the foul language, and use the spoiler tag if you do use it. And most importantly, be nice. Because it's Friday.

And since I'm in charge of the Open Thread today, you get a quirky indie rock song to enjoy. Don't blame me for getting this song stuck in your head; blame FIFA 15 for getting it stuck in my head first.

With that, the beer light is on. Enjoy your Friday, ladies and gentlemen!