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What Draft Picks Do The Minnesota Vikings Currently Have?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings recently agreed to a trade that will send quarterback Matt Cassel and a draft pick to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for two other draft choices. They have also agreed to a trade that will send a fifth-round pick to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for wide receiver Mike Wallace and a seventh-round pick.

The Vikings still only have seven picks in this year's NFL Draft as things stand right now, but they're different selections than the ones they had earlier on. They now have two selections in this year's fifth round and none in the sixth round. The other selection they will be receiving from the Bills is a 2016 choice, so they already have eight picks in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Here is a full list of the Minnesota Vikings' picks as we stand right now. The "overall" pick number will change for the selections from the fourth round onward after the announcement of compensatory draft picks, but where they are in each round shouldn't change too much.

Round Pick Overall (currently)
1 11 11
2 13 45
3 12 76
4 11 107
5 1 129 (acquired from Buffalo through Tampa Bay)*
7 11 204
7 15 207 (acquired from Miami through San Francisco)**

* - Acquired in Matt Cassel trade (along with a 2016 seventh-round pick)

** - Acquired in Mike Wallace trade

Now, there's basically zero chance that Rick Spielman holds steady with seven picks in this year's draft, or that any of the picks you see above will happen where they're listed to happen. But that's where the team sits as of right now as far as their draft selections are concerned.