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Daily Norseman Community Mock Draft Sign-Up Thread

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

EDIT: The table is now updated with the 30 GMs that will be submitting the picks for this year's draft! Congratulations to everyone that got a team, and kwarren3 and BVB fan are officially on the clock! You can shoot your picks to me at dailynorseman AT GMail.

As promised, ladies and gentlemen, here is your opportunity to get yourself involved in the 2015 Daily Norseman Community Mock Draft. Below is the table where I will place the names of the people that have received a team for this year's draft. We're looking for 30 people. . .remember, whoever gets the Browns or Saints will have two first-round picks to deal with. . .and the teams will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Just as a heads-up, this post is pre-scheduled to pop up at this time. I will not be able to update the post with the names of the virtual General Managers until a few hours from now, but I will do so as soon as I'm able.

On the table, you will see the list of picks and teams, as well as two date columns. The first date is the date that the pick for that team needs to be e-mailed to me, and the second is the date that it will be posted here on the site. As I said in the intro post yesterday, I will try to keep things moving as quickly as possible.

With that, go ahead and start getting signed up, ladies and gentlemen, and we'll have everything updated with names in a few hours!

Pick Team General Manager Pick Due To Commissioner Pick Posted on Site
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers kwarren3 3 April 6 April
2 Tennessee Titans BVB fan 3 April 6 April
3 Jacksonville Jaguars n s 4 April 7 April
4 Oakland Raiders DrivableGuide9 4 April 7 April
5 Washington Redskins tep4 5 April 8 April
6 New York Jets cycloneallnightlong 5 April 8 April
7 Chicago Bears lateefthetruthspeaker 6 April 9 April
8 Atlanta Falcons berg03 6 April 9 April
9 New York Giants thecraphead 7 April 10 April
10 St. Louis Rams VikesFanatic 7 April 10 April
11 Minnesota Vikings e.vogel15 10 April 13 April
12 Cleveland Browns Wayne Joseph 10 April 13 April
13 New Orleans Saints Austin Blanch 11 April 14 April
14 Miami Dolphins SkolChad 11 April 14 April
15 San Francisco 49ers Malte 12 April 15 April
16 Houston Texans Vikes4lyfe 12 April 15 April
17 San Diego Chargers MDFDisc 13 April 16 April
18 Kansas City Chiefs Zach_The_Gamecock 13 April 16 April
19 Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo) Wayne Joseph 14 April 17 April
20 Philadelphia Eagles AVeazey24 14 April 17 April
21 Cincinnati Bengals misterloveSKOL 17 April 20 April
22 Pittsburgh Steelers Typically Lazy 17 April 20 April
23 Detroit Lions just_rob 18 April 21 April
24 Arizona Cardinals Siberia101 18 April 21 April
25 Carolina Panthers SweetTooth 19 April 22 April
26 Baltimore Ravens lmoe12 19 April 22 April
27 Dallas Cowboys paulser21 20 April 23 April
28 Denver Broncos SpencerN 20 April 23 April
29 Indianapolis Colts CCNorseman 21 April 24 April
30 Green Bay Packers CCHOF5yearstoolate 21 April 24 April
31 New Orleans Saints (from Seattle) Austin Blanch 24 April 27 April
32 New England Patriots raging_cloner 24 April 27 April