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Norse Code Podcast Episode 68: Mailbags and the Niceness of Chad Greenway

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Chad Greenway is really nice. I'm sorry, Chad. Also I answer your questions about stuff.

We don't talk much about that one guy that may or may not run the ball, but we do take a lot of questions and end up talking the draft, free agency strategy and how to build a team, as well as draft prospects I sort of like outside of the first round and occasionally in the first round as well. Give a listen!

*****Download Link Here*****

Episode Notes:

  • Not really any to note. I'll do a link roundup instead
Link Roundup:

Vikings Territory:

  • A bunch of great stuff at VT, including a three-part ode/rant about Randy Moss from Andy Carlson. Part One here, Part Two here and Part Three here.
  • Andy also has two great podcasts recently. The first is with the Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen. Take a listen.
  • The second is with one of my favorite evaluators, Matt Waldman. Really worth a listen.
  • Lindsey Young asked the VT bloggers who the standout special teams player was going to be.
  • Carl Knowles thinks Denzel Perryman is a great pick.
  • Austin Belisle polled a bunch of fans about the first pick the Vikings have in the draft.
  • He also has some thoughts on what should be a career-defining year for Kyle Rudolph.
  • Lindsey interview fans from around the world! Part One here, Part Two here and Part Three here.

Remember, you can download the mp3 above by clicking on the "Download Link here" thing right below the audio player.

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