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Charges Against Jabari Price Reduced

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Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The day after the 2014 regular season finale, rookie cornerback Jabari Price was arrested while driving on Interstate 35W and cited for Driving While Intoxicated. In a court appearance on Wednesday, he had the charges reduced to a single charge of careless driving.

During a court appearance, Price agreed to do 30 days of electronic home monitoring, according to his attorney, David Valentini. Price, who passed all drug tests leading up to the court date, has also entered into a substance abuse education program and paid a $300 fine, Valentini said.

The article from the Star-Tribune points out that even though the charges against Price were reduced, he could still face discipline from the league, whether that discipline comes in the form of a suspension or a fine.

Price, one of the Vikings' seventh-round picks in last year's draft, played primarily on special teams as a rookie. With the Vikings having signed veteran Terence Newman in the off-season and potentially targeting the cornerback position in the 2015 NFL Draft, he might have an uphill battle making the roster this season. However, now he's gotten this situation out of the way and can return his primary focus to doing just that.